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L'Arce Sannita


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   Between Mount Acero and Mount Monaco di Gioia are the ruins of a sannitic fortification, probably belonging to the IV century b.C., made in polygonal or megalithic walls. The surrounding wall, about 3 kilometres long, is interrupted by two gates, one of them turned in the direction of Telese, that allowed to enter the Arce.

   These fortifications belonged with certainty to a wider and complex system of defence that Sannitis extended to the whole Apenninic territory. Probably the Sannitic walls enclosed real built-up areas of complex organisation. Sannitis used to build the defences of their high ground settlements by terracings or terraces positioned along the slopes of a hill in a strategic position as regards to the courses and the mountain passes.

  The building criterion of the Sannitis fortifications, of the polygonal or cyclopean masonry, was based upon ashlars moulded in different ways and assembled according to the dry-stone technique. The technique, considered for a long time to be primitive, revealed a great resistance to war actions and in particular to quakes.